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Magyar Okleveles Adószakértők Egyesülete - MOKLASZ


The goal of MOKLASZ is to create a professional forum for people with the highest financial qualifications.

The Association's goals include representing the interests of certified tax experts, raising the domestic level of taxation and taxation culture, promoting European and domestic legislation in the field of taxation, and spreading information technology methods.

Closely related to professional interest representation, MOKLASZ’s task is to create a register of certified tax experts and tax advisors, which has long been a legitimate demand of representatives of the profession and clients.

MOKLASZ is convinced that taxation is an independent discipline in the world of finance, which has a diverse impact on society in both direct and indirect ways. Guided by this principle, MOKLASZ wants to develop the research work related to taxation so that ad-hoc decisions can be replaced by decisions based on a scientifically based, long-term concept.
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