ETAF stands for

A regulated professional law ensuring high quality tax advice
Respect of the diverse and historically grown different professional law regimes in our Member States
A professional secrecy allowing tax advisers to build relationships based on trust which is crucial for the tax collecting process
Coherence and transparency between market and tax policies
High quality tax advice as a guarantee for a stable economy
Consumer protection through independence of the profession
Reliability and personal performance
The deepening of the Single Market in a strong Europe

We believe in

Our members

Contribute to a stable and growing economy
Play an important role in the tax collecting process in the Member States
Create a relationship of trust between tax advisers and their clients as well as tax authorities
Guide SMEs and individuals through the complexity of taxation
Are fully committed to the Charter of Regulated European Tax Advisers
ETAF is a registered organisation in the EU Transparency Register, with the register identification number 760084520382-92.

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