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Kammer der Steuerberater:innen und Wirtschaftspr├╝fer:innen - KSW

About KSW

KSW is the umbrella organization for tax consultants and auditors in Austria. Its members are specialists in tax consulting, auditing, accounting and balance sheets.

The KSW represents the interests of 7,865 chartered accountants (5,900 tax consultants and 1,965 auditors) and also looks after around 3,600 trainees.

In Austria, public accountants are tax advisors and auditors. Despite their different competences, both professions have one thing in common: they are the most competent contact persons when it comes to auditing, tax issues and financial planning. A relevant course of study, several years of compulsory professional experience and several examinations ensure that only those who are up to the job become tax consultants and auditors.
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