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About ITAA

With the merger of the two institutes, Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants (IAB-IEC) and the Institute of Accounting Professionals and Tax Experts (BIBF-IPCF), in the early 2000s, the ITAA saw the light of the day.

The tasks of the ITAA are very diverse. First and foremost, the institute promotes the interests of its members and trainees.

In Belgium, the professions of accountant and tax advisor are regulated by law. This means that anyone wishing to practise the profession must be registered in the public register. The ITAA’s task is to manage that register and to monitor access to the profession by regularly holding entrance examinations and qualifying examinations. The ITAA also monitors the programme that each trainee accountant or trainee tax advisor follows along the way.

Legally regulated free professions have strict rules on ethics, which are important given their social role. The ITAA ensures that its members observe these rules correctly and it monitors their continuous professional development. Finally, the ITAA issues various standards and recommendations for the proper practice of the profession. The application of these standards and the rules of professional ethics are tested based on a quality review.
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