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Conseil National de l’Ordre des Experts-Comptables – CNOEC


Founded in 1945 and placed under the authority of the French Ministry of Finance, CNOEC is the national body of the French regulated profession of “experts-comptables”. Its role is to ensure the representation, promotion, and development of the “experts-comptables”, both in France and abroad.

Closest and most trusted adviser to the SMEs, the “expert-comptable” is an under-oath-of-office professional who provides a wide range of services (accounting, tax, labour, management, corporate social responsibility, digital organisation, etc.) to all kinds of entities in business, not-for-profit or public sectors, as well as to individuals.

Following its motto “science, conscience, independence”, CNOEC sets the professional standards, enforces the professional Code of Ethics, and issues recommendations that the “experts-comptables” have to comply when performing their duties.

CNOEC is formulating recommendations and proposals to the public authorities regarding business, tax and labour regulation efficiency, regulatory simplification, business incentives, etc.
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