Weekly Tax News – 10 February 2020

- S&D MEP to chair the standing subcommittee on taxation
- The European Commission publishes its “Tax policies in the European Union” survey
- The OECD Pillar 1 proposal takes shape

Weekly Tax News – 3 February 2020

- The case for a Carbon Border Tax as EU budget own resource
- Germany proposes new transfer pricing rules
- Beyond the EU: the digital tax in Norway and Japan

Weekly Tax News – 27 January 2020

- France and US to further discuss the international tax reform
- MEPs call the US Congress for a fairer international tax system
- Croatia is committed to push discussions on CCCTB
- Austria rejects FTT proposal under enhanced cooperation
- German rule on carry forward of losses by ailing companies does not constitute State aid

Weekly Tax News – 20 January 2020

- The European Parliament’s resolution on the European Green Deal
- VAT for SMEs: the European Parliament in favor of simplification
- ECOFIN to discuss taxation of the digital economy
- Italy adopts its digital services tax

Weekly Tax News – 13 January 2020

- The European Parliament pushes for common EU approach on international tax
- Paris and Washington still debating on digital taxation
- The tax priorities of the Croatian Presidency
- ETAF participates to European Parliament’s hearing on liberal professions


Weekly Tax News – 16 December 2019

- Von der Leyen presents the European Green Deal
- Germany proposes FTT under enhanced cooperation
- Recapping the tax actions of the Finnish Presidency
- The VAT Committee updates its VAT Guidelines

ETAF Conference on “Future dynamics of EU tax policy”

On 5 December 2019, over 80 participants from the EU institutions, different stakeholders and many tax advisers joined the Conference on "Future Dynamics of EU tax policy" hosted by ETAF in Brussels.

Weekly Tax News – 9 December 2019

- US and France still debating the OECD proposal under Pillar 1
- ECOFIN on CbCr and Energy Taxation Directive
- European Parliament approves a resolution on International Tax Reform
- ETAF Tax Conference on “Future dynamics of EU tax policy”

Weekly Tax News – 2 December 2019

- COMPET Council stops public country-by-country reporting
- Von der Leyen’s mandate has officially started
- Commission refers Poland to Court of Justice regarding energy taxation
- European Parliament adopts VAT and excise duties exemption for armed forces supplies
- France backs OECD international tax proposals
- ETAF Conference on 5 December 2019

Weekly Tax News – 25 November 2019

- The CbCr discussion still far from an agreement amongst Member States
- Tax exemptions on ports: Commission opens an in-depth investigation on Italy
- French Council of Economic Analysis on the impact of the two OECD Pillars
- Czech government moves forward with a digital tax
- ETAF Conference on 5 December 2019

Weekly Tax News – 18 November 2019

- Two out of three Commissioners-designate passed the Parliament scrutiny
- European Parliament adopts opinion on VAT for e-commerce
- ETAF takes part in the OECD consultation on Pillar 1
- ETAF Conference on 5 December 2019