ETAF Statements on the Services Package

May 31, 2017

In April 2017, ETAF positioned itself regarding the Services Package of the European Commission, which consists of an obligatory Proportionality Test before adopting new professional regulations, a Notification Procedure that requires Member States to notify every new provision in an early drafting stage to the Commission and a European Services e-Card, that aims at facilitating administrative procedures in order to provide services in EU countries other than the home country.

Regulated tax advising professions ensure a high level of quality in business services and contribute to growth by establishing a trustful and liable working relationship with business partners. ETAF Members are therefore very concerned about the Services Package as it questions fundamental pillars of all tax advising professions.

Please find more information in our statements here:

  1. ETAF Statement on the Proportionality Test
  2. ETAF Statement on the Notification Procedure
  3. ETAF Statement on the European Services e-Card
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