ETAF participates in intermediaries’ tax planning consultation

March 8, 2017

As the scandals around LuxLeaks and Panama Papers are still present, the European Commission focuses its policies on tax transparency and tax intermediaries to fight harmful and illegal tax practices. With this in mind, DG TAXUD launched a consultation on “Disincentives for advisers and intermediaries for potentially aggressive tax planning schemes”. This measure aimed to gather views on whether there is a need for EU action in order to introduce more effective disincentives for intermediaries, who are engaged in operations that facilitate tax evasion and tax avoidance.

The consultation tackled obligatory disclosure rules for tax intermediaries and focused on key design features of a possible disclosure regime. It also offered different policy options, in case EU action is appropriate.

Representing 230,000 tax professionals from France, Germany and Italy, ETAF took the initiative and strongly advocated a policy option that favours an EU Code of Conduct for intermediaries. ETAF members believe that a code of conduct at EU level is the best way to ensure conscientious tax and legal advice services and also to restrict potentially aggressive tax planning schemes.

The results of the public consultation will be duly published, together with the responses provided.

ETAF is a registered organisation in the EU Transparency Register, with the register identification number 760084520382-92.

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