Weekly Tax News – 6 April 2020

- How are tax administrations reacting to coronavirus?
- Commission’s proposal to authorize Italy to grant VAT exemption to micro businesses
- European Commission opens application to payment service providers to help in fighting VAT fraud

Weekly Tax News – 30 March 2020

- OECD tax measures to mitigate the economic impact of coronavirus
- COVID-19: EU institutions take decisions to support SMEs
- Back to tax: the design of EU Member States’ tax systems

Weekly Tax News – 23 March 2020

- Coronavirus: selective tax advantages granted in 2020 will not constitute State Aid
- EU Member States enact tax measures in response to COVID-19
- The OECD is committed to reach a political decision in July on the international tax reform
- Tax system for frontier workers: agreement reached between 5 countries to prevent glitches due to emergency measures


Weekly Tax News – 16 March 2020

- EP postpones discussion on tax subcommittee due to Coronavirus 
- The UK confirms Digital Services Tax from 1 April
- Bruegel highlights the issues of a possible European Carbon Border tax

Weekly Tax News – 9 March 2020

- Gentiloni sets up the Commission's Tax priorities
- DG TAXUD asks for feedbacks on energy tax and simplification of tax system
- CJEU ruled against the penalty system of the Hungarian advertising tax
- Hungarian tax on turnover of telecommunications and retail trade sectors are compatible with EU law

Weekly Tax News – 2 March 2020

- Digital services tax: Spain to take unilateral actions
- G20 Finance Ministers approve OECD work on international tax reform
- Discussion on the plastic tax continues at Council level
- The impact of shifting away from labour taxes in some EU countries
- Breton reassured that “one in, out” principle will not lead to deregulation

Weekly Tax News – 24 February 2020

- ECOFIN adopts new VAT legislative acts
- Four new countries in the EU tax blacklist
- Paul Tang wishes to chair the subcommittee on Taxation
- European Commission’s new idea for ordinary legislative procedure in taxation

Weekly Tax News – 17 February 2020

- Tax on used cars: European Commission refers Portugal to the Court of Justice of the EU
- Taxation on tobacco has lost effectiveness on reducing consumption
- OECD estimates 100$ billion tax revenues yearly from international tax reform
- OECD publishes Transfer Pricing Guidelines on Financial Transactions

Weekly Tax News – 10 February 2020

- S&D MEP to chair the standing subcommittee on taxation
- The European Commission publishes its “Tax policies in the European Union” survey
- The OECD Pillar 1 proposal takes shape

Weekly Tax News – 3 February 2020

- The case for a Carbon Border Tax as EU budget own resource
- Germany proposes new transfer pricing rules
- Beyond the EU: the digital tax in Norway and Japan

Weekly Tax News – 27 January 2020

- France and US to further discuss the international tax reform
- MEPs call the US Congress for a fairer international tax system
- Croatia is committed to push discussions on CCCTB
- Austria rejects FTT proposal under enhanced cooperation
- German rule on carry forward of losses by ailing companies does not constitute State aid