Weekly Tax News – 1 July 2019

- The European Commission answers to the TAX3 Report
- The Netherlands propose EU taxation of aviation sector
- The European Committee of the Regions supports qualified majority voting on tax
- Finland takes over Council presidency for the next six months

noteWeekly Tax News – 24 June 2019

- Court of Justice of the European Union on Hungarian turnover-based tax
- Progress in the discussions about a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)
- No agreement on EU top job

Weekly Tax News – 17 June 2019

- ECOFIN removed Dominica from EU tax blacklist and discussed FTT
- G20 agree on the OECD’s work plan on international tax reforms
- Environmental tax called for by various EU actors
- OECD Handbook for fighting against money laundering and terrorist financing

Weekly Tax News – 11 June 2019

- Simplified VAT for SMEs still discussed in the Council
- Taxation of aviation sector discussed by EU Transport Ministers
- European Commission referred Austria to the Court of Justice of the EU

Weekly Tax News – 6 June 2019

- European Elections: status of the negotiation for the Presidency of the Commission
- Competitiveness Council raised the question of fair taxation
- OECD Inclusive Framework’s work plan on the taxation of digital economy
- The U.S. to provide clarity on the taxation of cryptocurrencies
- New R&D tax incentives to be introduced in Germany

Weekly Tax News – 20 May 2019

- EU tax policy at the core of the spitzenkandidat debate
- ECOFIN removed 3 countries from the EU blacklist and did not coordinate on digital taxation
- Directive on simplified VAT for SMEs is not ready for discussion at ECOFIN
- European Commission launches a new tool to help fighting VAT frauds
- The ten-point agenda on tax justice of the Greens/EFA group

Weekly Tax News – 13 May 2019

- EU Tax Policy in the political programmes of the main EU parties
- The Committee of the Regions adopted the draft report on QMV in tax
- End-of-term assessment of the Juncker’s Commission ten priorities
- France and Germany pushing for a Financial Transaction Tax
- A single European voice on digital taxation at the OECD negotiations is not looking easy
- ‘Grand Theft Europe': a media consortium estimates annual VAT fraud carousels in EU at €50 billion

Weekly Tax News – 6 May 2019

- European Commission accepted petition on taxing kerosene
- OECD invite to comment on draft report on tax morale
- Focus on: the status of Country-by-Country Reporting at EU level

Weekly Tax News – 29 April 2019

- VAT exemption for supplies to armed forces proposed by the European Commission
- Tax guide on automobile taxation in Europe
- Focus on: the CCCTB proposal of the European Commission

Weekly Tax News – 23 April 2019

- European Commission and Parliament blame unanimity rule for the failure on digital taxation
- Fiscalis programme 2021-2027 adopted in Strasbourg
- New Greens/EFA report tax competition

Weekly Tax News – 15 April 2019

- European Commission relaunches qualified majority voting in energy taxation
- Digital taxation: Member States to speak with one voice at international level
- European Commission Tax policy survey 2018