Weekly Tax News – 22 June 2020

- European Commission ready for a digital tax, after US quits OECD talks
- European Parliament approved the TAX subcommittee
- The tax progress of the Croatian Presidency
- ETAF Tax Conference on 30 June

Weekly Tax News – 15 June 2020

- The European Parliament TAX subcommittee is (almost) there
- Commissioner Gentiloni ready to propose a new EU digital tax in 2021
- European Parliament pushes for a three-month postponement of VAT e-commerce package
- EU Court ruled against Commission’s decision over certain Hungarian taxes
- ETAF Tax Conference on 30 June

Weekly Tax News – 8 June 2020

- EU Member States agrees on postponement of DAC 6 deadlines
- US trade sanction pushes negotiations on digital tax at OECD level
- EU Council sets out priorities on DAC 7 and excise duty on tobacco
- Germany to reduce VAT to 16% from 1 July

Weekly Tax News – 2 June 2020

- European Commission proposes new taxes to finance the EU budget
- The Netherlands announce a new withholding tax
- OECD launches COVID-19 guidance to tax administrations

Weekly Tax News – 25 May 2020

- EU Ambassadors approve EU Council conclusion draft on DAC7
- European Commission calls 6 EU Member States to tackle aggressive tax planning
- OECD pillar 1 agreement may be postponed to 2021
- FIAT state-aid request ignited public opinion regarding tax justice

Weekly Tax News – 18 May 2020

- MEPs call for CCCTB, DST and FTT as new own resources
- European Commission May infringement package: tax decisions
- European Banking Authority reports on Cum-Ex/Cum-Cum tax scheme 

Weekly Tax News – 11 May 2020

- European Commission proposes to defer tax measures to fight COVID-19 crisis
- Commission postpones its “Anti-fraud tax package” to mid-July
- Belgian excludes tax-haven companies from aid program
- OECD postpones its international tax reform

Weekly Tax News – 4 May 2020

- European Commission to propose a tax package in summer
- Germany puts Financial Transaction Tax back on the table 
- Italian-Portuguese double tax convention does not infringe EU freedom of movement principle
- European Commission extends the investigation into Dutch tax rulings of IKEA

Weekly Tax News – 27 April 2020

- Financial sector requires DAC6 tax reporting obligation to be postponed
- France, Denmark and Poland ban companies registered in tax havens from State Aid programmes
- EU Council validates Charles Michel Roadmap for Recovery

Weekly Tax News – 20 April 2020

- Negotiations on digital taxation at OECD level continue
- MEPs call for the adoption of public CbCR
- European Parliament adopts a resolution to COVID-19 crisis

Weekly Tax News – 14 April 2020

- European Finance Ministers agree on €500bn package
- Commission suspends VAT and customs duties on medical equipment 
- The VAT Committee updates its VAT Guidelines