Weekly Tax News – 19 October 2020

- OECD postpones the international tax reform to mid-2021
- EU Advocate General confirms the legitimacy of Hungarian and Polish taxes
- CJEU judgement on exchange of tax information upon request
- Taxing crypto-assets: the OECD overview

Weekly Tax News – 12 October 2020

- European Commission to turn VAT Committee into comitology committee
- OECD to release an update on international tax reform
- Cayman Islands and Oman removed from the EU tax blacklist
- European Parliament approves reduced tax rates on traditional rum for French outermost regions
- Spain to launch FTT and Digital Tax

Weekly Tax News – 5 October 2020

- Commission’s explanatory notes on VAT e-commerce rules
- Commission to propose harmonized withholding tax relief
- European Commission Action Plan on Customs Union
- Commissioner-designated McGuinness remarks her support to fair taxation
- Cayman Island and Oman to be removed from the EU tax blacklist
- Spanish tax lease scheme is considered State aid by the General Court of the EU
- Belgium to introduce digital tax from 2023


Weekly Tax News – 28 September 2020

- Gentiloni reaffirms his tax projects before the new FISC Subcommittee
- Public CbCR soon back to the Council agenda
- ESMA publishes its Report on Cum/Ex tax practices
- Apple case: Vestager decides to appeal against the General Court’s decision
- Commissioner Breton ready to launch the Digital Services Act

Weekly Tax News – 21 September 2020

- Von der Leyen pushes on digital tax, CBAM and a new Energy Tax Directive
- The European Parliament wants to hear the CEOs of GAFA companies
- Poland to introduce new corporate tax disclosure rules

Weekly Tax News – 14 September 2020

- Informal ECOFIN discussed new own resources and fair taxation
- COVID-19 pushes the EU VAT Gap up
- The OECD agreement on international tax reform does not look easy

Weekly Tax News – 27 July 2020

- The European Council agreement on the EU recovery plan
- European Commission launches public consultations on Green Deal taxes
- G20 Finance Ministers are committed to agree on the international tax reform
- Council of the EU officially postpones VAT e-commerce package
- European Commission extends VAT and customs duties relief for import of medical equipments


Weekly Tax News – 20 July 2020

- The European Commission’s Action Plan on taxation
- Commission proposes to extend automatic exchange of info to digital platforms
- EU General Court annuls Commission’s decision on Apple case
- European Commission: no economic aid for companies linked with EU tax blacklist
- Millionaires call for wealth tax

Weekly Tax News – 13 July 2020

- Charles Michel proposes new EU taxes to finance the EU budget
- European Commission publishes its 2020 Tax Trends report
- U.S. – France relations heat up again over digital tax
- Paschal Dohonoe elected President of the Eurogroup
- European Commission extends State aid Temporary Framework
- European Parliament decides the members of the TAX subcommittee
- European Parliament opinion’s on postponement of VAT e-commerce package

Weekly Tax News – 6 July 2020

- ETAF Tax Conference on the role of tax policy in response to the COVID-19 crisis
- No international tax reform at OECD before US elections
- Commission confirms its commitment to revamp VAT system and unanimity rules
- Gentiloni gives a glimpse of the Commission’s anti-fraud package
- The tax priorities of the German Presidency

Weekly Tax News – 29 June 2020

- France, Italy, Spain and UK believe in a phased approach for the OECD digital tax
- DAC 6 and VAT e-commerce deadlines postponed
- Commission opposes Italian request to apply VAT reverse charge on atypical supply of staff
- State Aid Temporary Framework: Commission approves €7.6 billion Italian tax schemes
- Coreper agrees to update EU excise duties on alcohol
- ETAF Tax Conference on 30 June