Weekly Tax News – 21 October 2019

- The role of VAT in the Brexit deal
- The European Commission’s assessment of international tax evasion by individuals
- Taxation of climate polluters is gaining momentum at EU level
- Tax measures of Luxembourg and Ireland budget bills

Weekly Tax News – 14 October 2019

- The OECD proposes a “Unified Approach” to tax the digital economy
- EU tax blacklist: two countries removed
- European Commission refers Hungary to the Court of Justice
- ETAF appointed to the 2019-2022 EU VAT Expert Group

ETAF appointed as member of the European Commission VAT Expert Group

On Wednesday 2 October, the Director-General for Taxation and Customs Union of the European Commission appointed Benoît Vanderstichelen and Stefanie Becker as members of the VAT Expert Group on behalf of the European Tax Adviser Federation (ETAF). The mandate of the VAT Expert groups will run from 1 October 2019 until 30 September 2022.


Weekly Tax News – 7 October 2019

- Gentiloni commits on a new Action Plan on Taxation
- EESC supports qualified majority voting on energy tax
- OECD request for feedbacks on transfer pricing toolkit for developing countries
- German draft law implementing DAC6

Weekly Tax News – 30 September 2019

- General Court of the EU takes decision on Starbucks and Fiat cases
- Commissioner-designate Gentiloni to be heard by the ECON Committee
- The progress of digitalising tax administrations
- OECD: “Taxes on polluting fuels are below where they should be”

Weekly Tax News – 23 September 2019

- Key decisions of the ECON Committee: a new chair and the permanent TAX subcommittee
- Commission’s evaluation on administrative cooperation in the field of taxation
- Tax rulings of 39 Belgian companies screened by the European Commission
- German Finance Minister relaunches public Country-by-Country Reporting

Weekly Tax News – 16 September 2019

- European Commission assessment report on the Energy Taxation Directive
- Constant growth of the VAT collected through the MOSS
- OECD Report on digital tax expected in October
- FTT to be discussed by the EU Coucil’s Tax Working Party

Weekly Tax News – 9 September 2019

- VAT Gap further decreased in 2017 according to the European Commission
- Finland’s Presidency ready to tackle CbCR, VAT and FTT in the Council
- Tax Policy Reforms in OECD countries
- Country-by-Country Reporting OECD peer review
- First Cum-Ex tax fraud trial in German court

Weekly Tax News – 2 September 2019

- Taxation of the digital economy: France and US to work together at OECD level
- The possible tax priorities of the next European Commission
- Luxembourg submits draft law implementing EU ATAD 2 to Parliament
- OECD releases stage 2 peer review reports on Mutual Agreement Procedure

Weekly Tax News – 22 July 2019

- European Court of Auditors points out VAT evasion in e-commerce transactions
- Commission considers extension of tax derogation for rum from French outermost regions
- Council adopts country specific recommendations for 2019
- G7 agrees in principle on effective minimum company taxation
- Ursula von der Leyen elected President of the European Commission

Weekly Tax News – 8 July 2019

- The EU top jobs and European Parliament’s committees
- New EU Tax Disputes Resolution Mechanism enters into force
- EESC study on the impacts of corporate tax on the European economy
- ESMA preliminary findings on cum ex scandal
- Tax Trends Report of the European Commission