Weekly Tax News – 26 November 2018

- Lively discussion in the European Parliament on taxing digital giants
- TAX3 Committee hearing on Danske Bank scandal
- Facebook settled with the Italian Tax Authority and appeals in the UK

ETAF Conference on "Will digitalisation make taxation easier?"

On 20 November 2018, over 80 participants from the EU institutions, multiple Member States and several organisations joined the Conference on "Will digitalisation make taxation easier?" hosted by the European Tax Adviser Federation (ETAF) in Brussels.


Weekly Tax News – 19 November 2018

- Draft of recommendations of TAX3 committee
- Germany is still vague on the taxation of the digital economy
- EU Court on Spanish tax regime

Weekly Tax News – 12 November 2018

- ECOFIN on Digital Services Tax
- EU Finance ministers agrees on VAT directives on e-publication
- Namibia removed from EU list of non-cooperative countries
- European Commission infringement package: illegal tax breaks for yachts

Weekly Tax News – 5 November 2018

- The Council is making progress on the Digital Services Tax
- United Kingdom to introduce taxation of digital services in 2020


Weekly Tax News – 29 October 2018

- Digital Services Tax: Le Maire campaigns while Spain takes actions
- The European Parliaments approves the harmonisation of alcohol excise duty
- The answer of MEPs to the CumEx Files scandal is the automatic exchange of information

Weekly Tax News – 22 October 2018

- TAX3 committee is looking into golden visas and free ports
- The OECD is progressing on the taxation of the digital economy
- Taxation Trends Report 2018
- EPRS presents three new studies on tax topics in the Parliament
- Cum-Ex tax scandals cost European countries roughly €55 bn – MEPs outraged

Weekly Tax News – 15 October 2018

- Digital tax proposal keeps dividing opinions within the European Institutions
- Council adopts tough new rules on money laundering
- EU blacklist of tax havens might include EU members in the future
- Danish State aid request approved by Commission

Weekly Tax News – 8 October 2018

- ECOFIN agreed on VAT directives
- Palau removed from the list of non-cooperative jurisdictions
- MEPs approved three draft reports on VAT
- ICRICT pushes Juncker on CCCTB

Weekly Tax News – 1 October 2018

- VAT Gap: €150 billion lost in 2016
- TAX3 hearing on the risks in tax policy associated with Brexit
- EU blacklist criticized by the Tax Justice Network

Weekly Tax News – 24 September 2018

- Moscovici announces proposal to abandon unanimity principle in tax matters
- Ireland reports the recovery of the amount owed by Apple
- Luxembourg did not give a selective tax treatment to McDonald’s