Weekly Tax News – 4 March 2019

- TAX3 Committee adopted its draft final report
- The Commission approves Danish tax scheme but opens a new investigation
- Negotiations continue on Whistleblowers Directive
- Progresses have been made on the taxation of the digital economy
- The tax regime applied to Spanish professional football clubs was legal

Weekly Tax News – 25 February 2019

- European Commission informs companies on tax procedures in case of no-deal Brexit
- Poland authorised to introduce a split payment mechanism against VAT fraud
- Whistleblower Directive: European Parliament and Council still negotiating
- TAX3 Public Hearing with Competition Commissioner Vestager and Spanish State Secretary of Finance Bardón
- European Commission publishes a new blacklist of 23 countries for money laundering and terrorist financing
- Tax Commissioner Moscovici on qualified majority voting in tax matters

Weekly Tax News – 18 February 2019

- Member States divided on Commission’s proposal to shift away from unanimity principle in tax
- Technical measures for definitive VAT system approved by the European Parliament
- EU Court ruled against European Commission on Belgium excess profit tax
- European aviation tax proposed by the Netherlands

Weekly Tax News – 11 February 2019

- EESC debates on the taxation of the digital economy
- TAX3 hearings on Deutsche Bank and the impact of tax evasion on real estate
- New chair appointed at Code of Conduct of Business Taxation

Weekly Tax News – 4 February 2019

- OECD is making progress on taxation of digital giants
- Austrian Economic Center calls to reject qualified majority voting in tax matters
- Fiscalis programme to be agreed on by European Parliament/Council in February

Weekly Tax News – 28 January 2019

- The Greens/EFA presented tax report
- EESC on the definitive VAT system
- The Council still at a deadlock on Country-by-Country Report
- Germany, Italy and the UK referred to the Court of Justice
- TAX3 hearing on Slovakia case and tax gap methodology
- €14 bn tax case against Dublin and Apple delayed
- S&D tax priorities for the next election period

Weekly Tax News – 21 January 2019

- European Commission’s plan to shift away from unanimity principle in tax
- “No-Deal” Brexit: possible impacts on VAT
- European Parliament approves report on gender equality and tax policies
- Member States support the Whistleblower Directive
- Rule of law protecting the EU budget extended to tax evasion and tax fraud
- Fiscalis programme adopted by the European Parliament

Weekly Tax News – 14 January 2019

- European Commission is working to shift away from unanimity principle in tax
- European Commission Taxation Trends Report 2018
- Directive on whistleblower protection to be redesigned
- State aid cases in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and the Netherlands

Weekly Tax News – 17 December 2018

- MEPs disappointed by the deadlock on taxation of the digital economy
- European Commission presents new details on VAT rules for e-commerce
- VAT and Administrative Cooperation: the Commission proposes new measures
- Green light from the European Parliament on the VAT reverse charge mechanism

Weekly Tax News – 10 December 2018

- Digital services tax rejected by ECOFIN - France and Germany push for compromise
- ECON approved the two reports on the taxation of the digital economy
- Financial Transaction Tax relaunched by Franco-German agreement
- ECOFIN adopts short-term fixes to current EU system
- JURI committee approved the report on cross-border mobility of companies

Weekly Tax News – 3 December 2018

- Member States show uncertainty about digital taxation
- The European Parliament calls for action on Cum-Ex scandal
- Moscovici reiterates the idea to shift away from unanimity in tax matters
- TAX3 Committee presents the draft of final report and addresses aggressive tax planning schemes