Weekly Tax News – 13 May 2019

- EU Tax Policy in the political programmes of the main EU parties
- The Committee of the Regions adopted the draft report on QMV in tax
- End-of-term assessment of the Juncker’s Commission ten priorities
- France and Germany pushing for a Financial Transaction Tax
- A single European voice on digital taxation at the OECD negotiations is not looking easy
- ‘Grand Theft Europe': a media consortium estimates annual VAT fraud carousels in EU at €50 billion

Weekly Tax News – 6 May 2019

- European Commission accepted petition on taxing kerosene
- OECD invite to comment on draft report on tax morale
- Focus on: the status of Country-by-Country Reporting at EU level

Weekly Tax News – 29 April 2019

- VAT exemption for supplies to armed forces proposed by the European Commission
- Tax guide on automobile taxation in Europe
- Focus on: the CCCTB proposal of the European Commission

Weekly Tax News – 23 April 2019

- European Commission and Parliament blame unanimity rule for the failure on digital taxation
- Fiscalis programme 2021-2027 adopted in Strasbourg
- New Greens/EFA report tax competition

Weekly Tax News – 15 April 2019

- European Commission relaunches qualified majority voting in energy taxation
- Digital taxation: Member States to speak with one voice at international level
- European Commission Tax policy survey 2018

Weekly Tax News – 8 April 2019

- Customs controls in case of a no-deal Brexit
- The Commission concludes the UK gave selective advantages to certain multinationals
- State aid investigation into Slovakia’s tax on the food retail sector
- The EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum issued a Report on the Application of the Profit Split Method in the EU

Weekly Tax News – 1 April 2019

- Brexit: the European Commission’s plan in case of “no deal”
- The EP plenary approves the TAX3 Report
- European Commission’s study on the impact of the CCTB

Weekly Tax News – 25 March 2019

- ETAF Tax Conference “Future Trends of Taxation” on 20 March 2019
- European Parliament and Council agreed on Fiscalis programme
- Prof. Joseph Stiglitz takes position on EU tax framework

ETAF Conference on "Future Trends of Taxation?"

On 20 March 2019, over 90 participants from the EU institutions, multiple Member States and several organisations joined the Conference on "Future Trends of Taxation" hosted by the European Tax Adviser Federation (ETAF) in Brussels.

Weekly Tax News – 18 March 2019

- Digital services tax rejected by ECOFIN
- ECOFIN broadens EU blacklist and adopts new VAT rules on online sales
- Excise duty texts rejected by the Finance Ministers
- ETAF Tax Conference “Future Trends of Taxation” on 20 March 2019

Weekly Tax News – 11 March 2019

- France to introduce new tax on digital giants
- Belgium raise the subject of taxation of aviation emissions
- Commission investigates tax rulings issued by Luxembourg to Huhtalux
- ETAF Tax Conference “Future Trends of Taxation” on 20 March 2019