Weekly Tax News – 15 March 2021

- ATAD3 could be the Commission’s answer to OpenLux
- European Parliament adopts its opinion on DAC7
- European Commission consults on DAC8 and taxpayers’ rights
- Court of Justice on VAT group: principle establishment and branch must be regarded as separate taxable persons

Weekly Tax News – 8 March 2021

- International tax reform on the agenda of the next ECOFIN
- EU Trilogue on public CbCR will begin soon
- Dock dues in French outermost regions
- Member States are open to discuss with China on VAT administrative cooperation
- Court of Justice dismisses General Court judgement based on FC Barcelona action

Weekly Tax News – 1 March 2021

- Public CbCR: agreement reached
- FISC subcommittee discusses CumEx scandal and Digital Tax report
- Dominica added to the EU tax blacklist

Weekly Tax News – 22 February 2021

- EU tax blacklist: the exclusion of Turkey ignites the Parliament
- February infringement package: letters of formal notice to France and Sweden
- France deferral of tax payment for airlines is consistent with EU law
- EC public consultation on implementing rules for VAT e-commerce trade
- France to search tax evaders on social media

Weekly Tax News – 15 February 2021

- FISC subcommittee workshop on digital taxation
- Luxembourg tax regime once again under scrutiny
- Commission’s plan for VAT: “mind the gap” and VAT on financial services
- Public CbCR is back on the Council’s table

Weekly Tax News – 8 February 2021

- MEP of the ECON Committee support DAC 7
- US back into negotiation on the international tax reform
- EC’s public consultation on tax rules on tobacco and alcoholic beverages
- ECON adopts an opinion on future relationship with the UK

Weekly Tax News – 1 February 2021

- MEPs worried about the future UK tax policy
- The European Court of Auditors warns that DAC is not working as it should
- International tax reform: Member States more optimistic than MEPs

Weekly Tax News – 25 January 2021

- European Parliament wants a reform of European tax blacklist by the end of 2021
- European Commission ready to work on a EU Digital tax
- Still no majority at Council on public CbCR


Weekly Tax News – 18 January 2021

- European Commission launches impact assessment on Digital Levy
- Commission remarks that CBAM’s resources will be used to finance the EU budget
- CJEU rules against the Commission on fuel prices applied in an Italian region
- MEPs warns Commission that Brexit deal is weak on tax dumping
- ECtHR ruled in favour of Hungarian tax authority on disclosure of tax defaulters’ data

Weekly Tax News – 11 January 2021

- Washington suspends tariff action against France’s Digital Services Tax
- European Parliament expects more from DAC 7
- The tax priorities of the Portuguese Presidency
- Greens MEPs worried about the UK tax policy following the Brexit draft agreement

Weekly Tax News – 21 December 2020

- Commission proposes to change the interpretation of VAT rules
- Portuguese Presidency to push on Country-by-Country Reporting
- CJEU: the supply of heat by property owners to their members is subject to VAT
- TAXUD-WCO agreement on Customs Laboratory
- Italy and UK to chair G20 and G7