Weekly Tax News – 18 October 2021

- EU officials and tax advisers discuss Fair Taxation

- G20 Finance ministers endorse the global tax deal

- EC confident a minimum tax can be agreed unanimously in the EU

- EC presents tax recommendations to mitigate soaring energy prices’ impact

- New EP study on taxing professional football in the EU

- Belgian government to reform tax regime for expatriates

PRESS RELEASE - EU officials and tax advisers discuss how to ensure a Stable Recovery through Fair Taxation

PRESS RELEASE - ETAF welcomes the agreement on a new framework for international tax reform

Weekly Tax News – 11 October 2021

- 136 countries reached an agreement on a new framework for international corporate taxation

- The Pandora Papers: new tax avoidance revelations

- EU updates its Blacklist of tax havens

- EP calls for rewrite of EU Code of Conduct on business taxation

- European Court of Justice delivers its verdict on the Spanish tax case

- ECON rapporteurs on AML files have been appointed

Weekly Tax News – 4 October 2021

- Commission hosts 3 days conference on global tax avoidance and tax evasion

- Decisive week to come for the global tax deal

- Anguilla, Dominica and Seychelles to leave the EU blacklist of tax havens

- EU Council held its final vote on public CBCR

- EP is preparing recommendations for fair and simpler taxation

- Commission publishes a roadmap for a future EU withholding tax framework

- Maria Elena Scoppio appointed Director at DG TAXUD

Weekly Tax News – 27 September 2021

- Ireland readiness to participate to the OECD tax deal still unclear

- Developing countries want more income allocation in OECD tax deal

- European Commission clarifies the implementation of the OECD tax deal

- Stakeholders discuss public trust in tax

- Public CBCR’s legal basis still criticised

- Several infringements procedures launched in tax matters

- MEPs scrutinise the impact of national tax reforms on EU economy

- Five countries push for a 5 000 € EU cash payments limit

- European Commission launches TAXEDU

Weekly Tax News – 20 September 2021

- Ursula von der Leyen unveils its priorities for 2022

- Member States discuss Turkey’s inclusion on the EU blacklist of tax havens

- EP adopts its first implementation report on tax information exchange

- European Commission right to say that Belgian Tax Rulings are aid scheme

OECD boss pleads for a global solution on carbon pricing

Six countries offer to host the new EU AML Authority

ETAF General Assembly re-elects Philippe Arraou as President

On 14 September 2021, the ETAF General Assembly unanimously re-elected Philippe Arraou as President for another three years.

KSW to become a full ETAF member

On 14 September 2021 the Austrian Chamber of Tax Advisers and Auditors (KSW) decided to become a full member of ETAF as from 1 January 2022.

Weekly Tax News – 13 September 2021

- EU Finance Ministers discuss the future of taxation

- G7 Finance ministers discuss global tax reform

- Estonia still not convinced by the OECD tax deal

- MEPs quiz experts on tax transparency

European banks still booking profits in tax havens

Talks in the EU Council on VAT rates are progressing

- The 6th VAT Directive under scrutiny of MEPs

- S&D group calls for a European Net Wealth Tax

Weekly Tax News – 6 September 2021

- European Commission to present its digital levy no matter what

- Emmanuel Macron in Ireland to discuss global corporate tax reform

- Togo and Barbados joined the agreement on international corporate tax reform

- EU Court of Justice finds Portugal’s tax on imported second-hand cars illegal

- DSA: vote in IMCO committee planned on November 8