Weekly Tax News – 11 June 2018

- TAX3 workshop on cryptocurrencies and digitalisation
- Directive on Tax Intermediaries published
- Nordic states against European Commission’s digital tax proposals
- EU reactions to American tariffs on on steel and aluminium
- European blacklist of non-cooperative jurisdictions: discussions on new criteria

Weekly Tax News – 4 June 2018

- ECOFIN approved new transparency rules on tax intermediaries but failed to agree on three VAT proposals
- Digital taxation: Luxembourg is uncertain on interim tax
- Trump announced restrictions on steel and aluminium

Weekly Tax News – 28 May 2018

- ETAF Conference on how to tax the digital economy: searching for common solutions
- The US are planning 25% tax on car imports
- European Commission urged Hungary to ends its discriminatory taxation on spirits
- ECOFIN decisions on tax blacklist and disclosure rules for tax intermediaries
- New provisional agreement between Parliament and Council tackle illicit cash flows in and out of the EU

ETAF Conference on how to tax the digital economy: searching for common solutions

On 23 May 2018, over 100 participants from the EU institutions and multiple Member States joined the Conference on “fair taxation in a digitalized world” hosted by the European Tax Adviser Federation (ETAF) in Brussels.

Weekly Tax News – 21 May 2018

- Bahamas and St Kitts and Nevis to leave the EU tax blacklist
- Council’s refuse to cooperate with the TAX3 committee
- Member States allegedly push for global solution to tax digital giants
- MEP’s reactions to Union report on McDonald’s tax strategy
- EP to debate on the disintermediation opportunities offered by blockchain

Weekly Tax News – 14 May 2018

- Council Directive on disclosure rules for tax intermediaries formally adopted
- Macron relaunched the need of taxing digital giants

Weekly Tax News – 7 May 2018

- New own resources for the multiannual financial framework
- ECOFIN meeting in Sofia: finance ministers on the digital tax and on strengthening administrative cooperation
- New proposals by the Commission aim at letterbox companies
- ECON publishes an opinion statement on vehicle taxation
- Trade agreement between EU and New Zealand

Weekly Tax News – 30 April 2018

- Commissioner Moscovici responds to criticisms over digital tax proposals
- Spanish regional taxes on large retail establishments are compatible with EU law
- The European Banking Federation pushes for a change in VAT directive
- Commission to protect whistle-blowers
- Irish sugar-sweetened drinks tax approved by the Commission
- Germany demands exemptions to notification procedure for services

Weekly Tax News – 23 April 2018

- EU reaction to the American tax reform and steel taxes
- MEPs vote on new anti-money laundering rules
- S&D calls on Council to push for tax transparency of multinational companies

Weekly Tax News – 16 April 2018

- EU digital tax is encountering various shades of consensus
- Commission approves several state aid cases
- Commission organizes fair taxation seminars

Weekly Tax News – 9 April 2018

- Commissioner Moscovici at the TAX3 Committee hearing
- EU still divided over tax on web giants
- The uncertain future of the services e-card