Weekly Tax News – 18 February 2019

- Member States divided on Commission’s proposal to shift away from unanimity principle in tax
- Technical measures for definitive VAT system approved by the European Parliament
- EU Court ruled against European Commission on Belgium excess profit tax
- European aviation tax proposed by the Netherlands

Weekly Tax News – 11 February 2019

- EESC debates on the taxation of the digital economy
- TAX3 hearings on Deutsche Bank and the impact of tax evasion on real estate
- New chair appointed at Code of Conduct of Business Taxation

Weekly Tax News – 4 February 2019

- OECD is making progress on taxation of digital giants
- Austrian Economic Center calls to reject qualified majority voting in tax matters
- Fiscalis programme to be agreed on by European Parliament/Council in February

Weekly Tax News – 28 January 2019

- The Greens/EFA presented tax report
- EESC on the definitive VAT system
- The Council still at a deadlock on Country-by-Country Report
- Germany, Italy and the UK referred to the Court of Justice
- TAX3 hearing on Slovakia case and tax gap methodology
- €14 bn tax case against Dublin and Apple delayed
- S&D tax priorities for the next election period

Weekly Tax News – 21 January 2019

- European Commission’s plan to shift away from unanimity principle in tax
- “No-Deal” Brexit: possible impacts on VAT
- European Parliament approves report on gender equality and tax policies
- Member States support the Whistleblower Directive
- Rule of law protecting the EU budget extended to tax evasion and tax fraud
- Fiscalis programme adopted by the European Parliament

Weekly Tax News – 14 January 2019

- European Commission is working to shift away from unanimity principle in tax
- European Commission Taxation Trends Report 2018
- Directive on whistleblower protection to be redesigned
- State aid cases in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and the Netherlands

Weekly Tax News – 17 December 2018

- MEPs disappointed by the deadlock on taxation of the digital economy
- European Commission presents new details on VAT rules for e-commerce
- VAT and Administrative Cooperation: the Commission proposes new measures
- Green light from the European Parliament on the VAT reverse charge mechanism

Weekly Tax News – 10 December 2018

- Digital services tax rejected by ECOFIN - France and Germany push for compromise
- ECON approved the two reports on the taxation of the digital economy
- Financial Transaction Tax relaunched by Franco-German agreement
- ECOFIN adopts short-term fixes to current EU system
- JURI committee approved the report on cross-border mobility of companies

Weekly Tax News – 3 December 2018

- Member States show uncertainty about digital taxation
- The European Parliament calls for action on Cum-Ex scandal
- Moscovici reiterates the idea to shift away from unanimity in tax matters
- TAX3 Committee presents the draft of final report and addresses aggressive tax planning schemes

Weekly Tax News – 26 November 2018

- Lively discussion in the European Parliament on taxing digital giants
- TAX3 Committee hearing on Danske Bank scandal
- Facebook settled with the Italian Tax Authority and appeals in the UK

ETAF Conference on "Will digitalisation make taxation easier?"

On 20 November 2018, over 80 participants from the EU institutions, multiple Member States and several organisations joined the Conference on "Will digitalisation make taxation easier?" hosted by the European Tax Adviser Federation (ETAF) in Brussels.