Weekly Tax News – 13 June 2022

- Tax authorities step up tax enforcement efforts in support of the ‘Freeze and Seize' Task Force

- Overview of the progress made under the French Presidency on tax matters

- More work needed on the Energy Taxation Directive

- Final vote on CBAM postponed in the European Parliament

- State of play of the discussions on the AML package in the EU Council 

- One day to go before the ETAF conference

Weekly Tax News – 7 June 2022

- EU Member States agree on a sixth package of sanctions against Russia

- Greenlight of Poland’s recovery plan raises hopes for an agreement on Pillar II

- EU withholding tax procedures expected in first half of 2023

- Final negotiations in the European Parliament before the vote on CBAM

- MEPs ready to start working on AMLA

Weekly Tax News – 30 May 2022

- Commission unveils its plan to help countries confiscate Russian oligarch’s frozen assets

- France optimistic an agreement on Pillar II can be reached on 17 June

- OECD Pillar I implementation now expected in 2024

- OECD consults on tax certainty aspects of Amount A under Pillar I

- Belgo-German colloquium on the global tax reform

- MEPs want to strengthen the AML Directive

- EP starts its work on the UNSHELL Directive

- Labour taxation rebounded in most OECD countries in 2021

- European Commission welcomes the successful implementation of EU VAT rules for e-commerce

- MEPs from tax subcommittee travel to Washington DC

Weekly Tax News – 16 May 2022

- European Commission unveils its proposal for a debt-equity bias reduction allowance

- European Commission to phase out the State Aid COVID Temporary Framework

- Experts and MEPs discuss Russian oligarchs’ hidden wealth

- MEPs ask the Commission to add the United Arab Emirates to its AML blacklist

- Conference on the Future of Europe: which tax proposals?

- ETAF conference “Professional regulation: a cornerstone for curbing down abusive tax avoidance"

Weekly Tax News – 9 May 2022

- European Commission proposes a 6th package of sanctions against Russia

- OECD consults on the regulated financial services exclusion under Pillar I

- EP gives its greenlight to the extension of the Reverse Charge Mechanism 

- New study on the offshore real estate in Dubai

- ETAF responds to the European Commission consultation on VAT in the digital age

Weekly Tax News – 2 May 2022

- European Commission announces its plan to regulate tax advice in the EU

- Commission issues guidance on energy tax cuts

- MEPs adopt their opinion on Pillar II

- European Commission’s seminar on tax compliance costs for SMEs

- European Commission’s recommendation to strengthen the VAT cooperation with Norway

- ECJ rejects Airbnb plea on Belgian information for tax authorities

- ETAF annual report 2021

PRESS RELEASE - ETAF welcomes the FISC hearing on reinforcing the regulation of tax intermediaries

Weekly Tax News – 25 April 2022

- Implementing Directive for Pillar II: MEPs finally agree to stick to the OECD tax deal

- EPPO takes stock of its activities in 2021

ICRICT calls on G20 to establish a global asset registry

- FATF agrees on its priorities for 2022-2024

Weekly Tax News – 19 April 2022

- EU studying how to make Russia pay for the war bill

- Russian oligarchs escape EU sanctions with shell companies

- OECD consults on extractives carveout under Pillar I

- MEPs look at the impact of new technologies on taxation

- European Commission evaluates the current excise duty rules on alcohol

Weekly Tax News – 11 April 2022

- ETAF gives feedback to the Commission on the UNSHELL Directive

- Poland blocks agreement on the Implementing Directive for Pillar II

- OECD consults on the scope under Amount A of Pillar I

- New public consultation on Withholding Taxes

- Germany requested to bring its tax rules on dividends and interest paid to charities in line with EU law

- European Commission reports on tax compliance costs for SMEs

- Definitive adoption of the VAT rates reform

- European Commission’s recommendations on VAT collection

- VAT fraud: new detailed rules on CESOP

- Commission consults on its digital euro

Weekly Tax News – 4 April 2022

- Implementing Directive for Pillar II: a new attempt at compromise on 5 April

- Joe Biden proposes replacing the BEAT by the UTPR rule

- Experts say tax advisors in the Netherlands should be regulated

- European Commission considering relaxing energy taxation rules

- European Commission urges Member States to withdraw golden passports granted to Putin’s allies